Hi there. I'm Apollon and this is some sort of personal home page.


Born in 1972 in Athens, Greece. School etc. I was interested in technology since I can remember myself; I started with electronics at the age of 10, mostly assembling kits and doing some amateur radio stuff. First contact with computers was in 1984 (obligatory Orwell reference). I first owned a CASIO FX-802P and also had regular access to a PB-110. I managed to teach myself BASIC on these, even managed to create a few (real-time!) games using the 12-character LCD display...

Then came the Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ which really changed the game for me. After several months of molesting its ROM-based BASIC interpreter, I got started with Z80 assembly. Flash forward a couple of years, and I am the proud owner of an instance of the ill-fated Sinclair QL. I was a member of the MicroClub at Stournari st. in downtown Athens where I made the acquitance of several other interesting microcomputers: The Oric Atmos, the Commodore 64, the Tandy TRS-80, an early Aviette IBM-PC compatible, the legendary BBC and of course the Amstrad CPC 464 and 6128.

I was also fascinated with music at an early age, but for one or the other reason I didn't start playing until the age of 13. I started with keyboards, but soon felt restricted and took up guitar at 15. I played with several bands and struggled with one for a year after I finished school.

Started work at 18 at Compupress S.A. as an editor for the now-dead "Pixel" magazine. Fulfilled my military obligations between 1992-1993 and then came back to Compupress in a different role, working for the newborn (now dead and buried) Compulink BBS (later to become the ISP by the same name). There I witnessed the rise of the Internet, and made my first (and as painful as it was exciting) contact with Unix.

In August 2006 I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland. I am currently (i.e. May 2010) working for the University of Edinburgh as a team lead for the central Unix sysadmin team.


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